Responsibilities: writing brief

Client: Brooklyn Nets    


Creative Brief

What’s the assignment we have been given?    
Establish and foster brand loyalty for the Nets basketball team, while evolving the Hello Brooklyn campaign.

What is the real problem we are trying to solve?    
We are trying to sell a team that has no real track record. We need to establish and foster brand loyalty for the Nets basketball team.
Who are we trying to engage and what about their behavior is important?    
Think of the proudest Brooklynite between the age of 18-35 year old. They love everything about Brooklyn from the hot art, fashion, diversity, food and everything else that makes Brooklyn...Brooklyn.  From the mixing and matching of music and clothes; diversity of cultures and food all have put their cultural stamps on this borough and is what continues to grow the city and make it better.  The attitude of “doing it the Brooklyn way” is a real sentiment shared by everyone that lives here...and is what keeps people (outside of the borough) coming back to Brooklyn. 

The people we are talking to are fans of the city second. And they’ll use an opportunity to show their love for the Nets through their devout support of going to games, buying merchandise, and buying into what the Nets mean to them...another extension of the city they love so much.  
We’re not just selling basketball....we’re selling commitment.   

What is the Nets POV? (our brand strategy)    
To make the Nets stronger through Brooklyn.

What is the lightening rod that’s going to get people to participate?    
A clear message of the Brooklyn either stand with us or you don’t
Why will people care?    
Because if Brooklyn looks good and so do they.

How do we know we’ve done our job?    
When ticket and merchandise sales increase.

Why should the audience believe us?     
Because if Brooklyn looks good…so do they.

360 concept