Clio shorlist winner

Client: Pfizer
Assignment: Develop 360 integrated corporate campaign aimed at the public, key medical and political influencers.

Problem: People see Big Pharma as impersonal, greedy and just don't understand what they do.
How do you turn around the image of the most hated company in the world?

Solution: Open the curtain to the years of hard work, science and people that go into making medicines.

Idea: Driven to discover the cure
Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Art Direction
Task included: concept creation, art directing print, social, TV, OOH, and digital. Leading and managing creative teams for CDM and BBDO
as well as overseeing pre-production and post-production of the campaign.


Before it Became a Medicine TV (60 second)
Pfizer and Its Scientists Take Us Through the Lengthy Creation of a Life-Saving Drug

Micro Documentaries

A series of short documentary films breaking down different areas in which Pfizer is driven to discover the cure.

How Does Mark Noe Discover New Medicines? It’s Complicated
A Pfizer medicinal chemist describes the incredible complexity—and rewards—of drug discovery.

Pfizer Scientist Bob Abraham Meets Patient Matt Hiznay
Cancer doc Bob Abraham developed drugs to help treat cancer patient Matt Hiznay with an experimental drug. Now Matt is studying for his Ph.D. so he can be just like the guy who helped save his life.

Prevention is the best medicine
Vaccine researcher Bill Gruber says vaccines are the single most important medical instrument to protect public health. His team of thousands works to combat disease through prevention. Hemophilia feature
Watch a family’s journey with hemophilia – from the mother’s perspective as a child growing up with a brother who had hemophilia, to caring for her two young children today – and hear a message of excitement and hope for the future. Pfizer’s Research Fellow, Debra Pittman, discusses how Pfizer is addressing the unmet needs of the hemophilia community, through scientific advancements like gene therapy. Learn more at


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