Responsibilities: writing brief

Project: 2013 Lincoln MKZ Launch


Creative Brief

What is the assignment we have been given?
Prelaunch the Lincoln brand by leveraging
the all-new MKZ.

What is the real problem we are trying to solve?
We need to sell a car company that is seeing as a 55+ white demographic to a younger African American audience.

Who are we trying to engage and what about their behavior is important?
Think of 35-55 yrs. old African American who is well educated, hard working, financially grounded. When deciding to buy a car, they want something that expresses to the world, that they know life is about keeping your eye on the big picture. Lincoln is a godsend to them with their respect for individuality and their goal to create a refined luxury experience. However, when purchasing a vehicle they overlook Lincoln because they currently think other competitors have more to offer. They are family oriented and believe in teaching their kids how to budget for the future. They prefer to invest in stocks, real estate, and home improvement and are definitely are not brand chasers or into the flashy like some of their friends.
What is Lincoln’s POV?
To get drivers to aspire to a new life of curated luxury.

What is the lighting rod that will get people to buy?
A clear message from Lincoln: you’re either choosing traditional luxury which is how the world sees you, or you can choose the Lincoln Motor Comp, which is all about how you see the world.

Why will people care?
Because the all-new Lincoln MKZ embodies a stylish sporty design that delivers a no pretense luxury package, which tells the world they are comfortable in their own skin and can care less about how people see them.

How do we know we’ve done our job?  
When MKZ purchases increase amongst young car buyers and cash registers don't stop ringing.

360 concept, starting with experiential