STRETCH AND BOBBITO FILM (documentary film)
Responsibilities: Cinematographer | Photographer

The documentary film explores the social impact of what the Source Magazine voted “The Best Hip Hop Radio Show Of All-Time.” The film is a story of quirky friends who became unlikely legends by engaging their listeners and breaking the biggest rap artists ever. 

During the 1990s, Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun as well as an unknown Jay-Z, Eminem, Fat Joe, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their show exceed 300 million. Stretch and Bobbito created a platform that changed music forever.

Stretch and Bobbito’s musical merits were only half the story, though. Their show had a cult following in the art/fashion world and prison population. All would loyally tune in for the offbeat humor just as much for the exclusive music. Stretch and Bobbito brought a unique audience together, and inspired a movement. 

Unfortunately, Stretch and Bobbito eventually parted ways, ending a landmark run that the NY Press once regarded as, “The Best Late Night Radio (All Genres).” In 2010, they reunited for a 20th anniversary broadcast, which rated as the world’s #1 Twitter topic. Their impact is still felt today.

STRETCH AND BOBBITO FILM (documentary film)
Eminem Teaser
Responsibilities: Cinematographer | Photographer

STRETCH AND BOBBITO FILM (documentary film)
Nas Teaser
Responsibilities: Cinematographer | Photographer

STRETCH AND BOBBITO FILM (documentary film)
Jay Z & Big L Teaser
Responsibilities: Cinematographer | Photographer

STRETCH AND BOBBITO FILM (documentary film)
Notorious B.I.G. Teaser
Responsibilities: Cinematographer | Photographer

Responsibilities: Director of Photography

ROCK RUBBER 45s is a cinematic odyssey exploring the connectivity of global basketball/sneaker/music lifestyle, starting in the 1960s to the present through the firsthand lens of legendary Nuyorican cultural curator Bobbito García. The ballplayer/author/DJ/filmmaker has carved an independent career that has inspired millions throughout the world, and has affected the growth and direction of the footwear, hip hop, and sports industries in the process.

On camera appearances in the film include Russell Simmons, Quincy Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patti Labelle, Maxwell, Talib Kweli, Rosie Perez, Crazy Legs, Dante Ross, MC Serch, Louie Vega, Questlove, Rich Medina, DJ Spinna, and Ramon Rodriguez among many others.

-Clio shorlist
-MM & M Awards
Gold Best Corporate Branding Campaign 2017

Client: Pfizer
Assignment: Develop 360 integrated corporate campaign aimed at public, key medical and political influencers.

Problem: People see Big Pharma as impersonal, greedy and just don't understand what they do.
How do you turn around the image of the most hated company in the world?

Solution: Open the curtain to the years of hard work, science and people that goes into
making medicines.

Idea: Driven to discover the cure
Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Art Direction
Task included: concept creation, art directing print, social, TV, OOH, and digital. Leading and managing creative teams for CDM and BBDO as well as overseeing pre-production and post production of campaign.

Before it Became a Medicine TV (60 second)

Micro Documentaries

How Does Mark Noe Discover New Medicines? It’s Complicated
A Pfizer medicinal chemist describes the incredible complexity—and rewards—of drug discovery.

Pfizer Scientist Bob Abraham Meets Patient Matt Hiznay
Cancer doc Bob Abraham developed drugs to help treat cancer patient Matt Hiznay with an experimental drug. Now Matt is
studying for his PhD so he can be just like the guy who helped save his life.

Prevention is the best medicine
Vaccine researcher Bill Gruber says vaccines are the single most important medical instrument to protect public health.
His team of thousands works to combat disease through prevention.

Hemophilia feature
Watch a family’s journey with hemophilia – from the mother’s perspective as a child growing up with a brother who had hemophilia, to caring for her two young children today – and hear a message of excitement and hope for the future. Pfizer’s Research Fellow, Debra Pittman, discusses how Pfizer is addressing the unmet needs of the hemophilia community, through scientific advancements like gene therapy. Learn more at

Client: NASCAR
Hispanic TV campaign (30 second TV)
Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Art Direction

VO:      What is NASCAR?
             Is it determination…
             Or resistance?
             Is it discipline…
             Or performance
VO:       For us is the heart behind the machine.

Client: NASCAR
Hispanic TV campaign (30 second TV)
Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Art Direction

VO:      Every night,
            I dream of being
            A great athlete
            A superhero
            I dream of being tough.
            Being worshipped.
            By millions of fans.
            I dream of being ahead of them all.
            Being a warrior
            In shining armor
            An astronaut.
KID:     I dream of being a racecar driver.

Client - Marines
TV : 30 second

Whether at home or abroad, Marines are committed to helping those who are in need of help. It's one of the many examples of why Marines are dubbed, elite warriors and
why communities have respect for both Marines and their mission.
Responsibilities: Associate Creative Direction | Art Director

Fighting with a Purpose: 1stLt Drexel King
Digital and social video content
First Lieutenant Drexel King returns to Ravenscroft, the grade school he attended in his hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina. Committed to mentoring youth, he speaks to a group of students about his experiences as a Marine and the importance of volunteering in their local communities.

Fighting with a Purpose: Capt Monica Meese
Digital and social video content

Captain Monica Meese goes back to Casa Grande, Arizona, where her family lives, to help her neighbors reach their fitness goals. She shares how her humanitarian missions inspired her to help others and the importance of discipline in her professional and personal life.

Client: Under Armour
Micro doc film highlighting the sneaker design collaboration between Under Armour and New York city graffiti artist.

Client: Huawei
Honor 6C Pro Short Film

Hired to shoot short film for phone launch release.

Responsibilities: Director of Photography | Production

Client: Warner Bros.
Get Animated Pop-up

With social media continuously expanding beyond the feed, Warner Bros in collaboration wanted to create an immersive experience that brought the digital brand to life and blended the line between social media and reality.

The Get Animated Invasion took place in NYC during New York Comic-Con. Over the course of four days. The goal was to transformed a 6,000 square foot retail space into an immersive Instagrammable cartoon dreamland. The result, was eight unforgettable cartoon realms including Bugs Bunny’s forest, a Flintstones Ice Cream Bar, a Marvin the Martian Planet X filled with custom-designed Funko Pop! Toys, and so much more.

The first-ever Get Animated Invasion was a massive success with lines around the block all weekend, amazing press, significant influencer attendance, and excitement from partners from around the world eager for the next pop-up. 

Across digital and social the campaign drove over 40 million impressions.

Responsibilities: Video Production | Post-Production

Client: Healthline Media
2017 State of Cancer Panel Discussion

Responsibilities: Video Production

Client: Ford
Ford Flex Launch Miami - ReFLEXions Documentary

Six local artist were commissioned to create works of art for the launch of the Ford Flex. On August 9th we took over Art + Design Night for our VIP gallery opening in the Collins building, and after-party with Afrobeta concert in the historic Moore building.

Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Director of Photography

Client: Mervyns
Back to school promo

Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Director of Photography

Video promo for Latin alternative music scene in San Francisco

Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Director of Photography